Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New World

Title : A New World
Singer : Nadya Fatira

These days are gonna be those days
Which I’ll look back with a happy smile
And a twinkle in my eyes
And life will never be the same
A different life than the one we've had
From our simple, fun, fairy tales

It’s strange, it’s a new, new world
It’s loud, it’s a hectic world
And I miss my home, I miss myself
And I miss you
And yet, I finally found that love
Inside my soul
And I jump in joy and I sing my heart away

Your face is gonna be that face
That I’ll look back with a loving smile
And a warm glow in my heart
And love will never be the same
A kind of love that I hold so dear
Yet I’m ready to let it go

Will you remember how we are?
Will you stay with me when I try
To be a better one for you?
In this new world…

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