Friday, November 28, 2014

A Little Thing Unsaid

Have you ever feel your life is so 'tasteless'?
Feel so normal like there's no challenge.
When you're not fall head over heel in love or broken heart.
You're not happy or in pain.
You're numb.
When you're just in a right position.
Through your life in a good way.
You work in the morning.
Go home in the afternoon.
Watch movies or clean your bedroom in the weekend.
Or sometimes you hang out with some friends.
And you never forget to pray.

Yes, I am in that situation right now.
And that makes me feel so bored.
I am someone who love challenges.
Someone who love break the rules.
Someone who want feel everything.
Fall in love, broken heart, be loved, hurt, happy, or even sad.
Like Lady Antebellum's song, Need You Now, "Yes, I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all"

So, what I want right now is... out of comfort zone for a while.
I want to travel.
Meet a stranger.
Know him.
And maybe, I will kinda like him.

I want someone in my really past.
Someone whom I don't predict will come into my life.
But he comes.
Really comes.
And change my life in a best way.

I dunno why my mind is too much imagination.

I just want my life feels extremely colorful.
Yeah, I want to feel that way.
Like a years ago...


  1. be careful with what you wish for fit.. hehe

    1. hahaha iya yah putih
      but really, i need something that can make me "alive"