Thursday, November 22, 2012

Are You Ready? or... Am I Ready?

Am I ready... for getting married?

Well, sometimes I ask this question to myself. Because I'm 22 now and toward 23. The age when a woman have should ready for getting married. Previously, I want to get married in 25 more until 28. Because I always think that I'm still young... and always young forever :D I just want to around the world first, to adventure, to become success first, to become a novelist, the point is,  I want to spend my time to chase every my dreams first before I'm getting married.
But, my mind is changed over the time. I don't know why. Maybe it's because some of my friends have married and you know, I'm feeling envy. And, I realize now that a marriage isn't a obstacle for chasing our dreams. Precisely, with someone we love, someone who always beside us, someone who will support us, it'll more beautiful to chase the dreams together. A marriage is not something that should be afraid. We can live together with someone we love, having cute beautiful children, seeing they grow up. Aaaah, I do love kids... And I really want to have them. Two handsome boys and two beautiful girls

So now...
Am I ready for getting married?

Yes, I am.

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  1. Replies
    1. Ciyeee Putiiiih :p
      Hahahaha, ketauan deh

  2. Blognya keren, gan!
    Kalau sempat mampir sekalian mengundang gabung bareng teman-teman lain yang udah SUBMIT URL BLOG-nya ke Direktori Weblog Indonesia :)

  3. So do I ;)
    Anyway, I love every statement that you wrote.

    1. aahh, Ajeng,,,
      inget prinsip "Afgan" jeng, jodoh pasti bertemu
      dan yang penting, meningkatkan kualitas diri kita dulu biar dapat jodoh yang baik :D