Friday, September 23, 2011

Maybe It's The Worst

August and September this year maybe are the worst month in my life. Something terrible was happened. My love and family life. And you know, those problems were effected to my academic.

The horrible thing was begun with my love life. The happiness that I was feeling before, suddenly vanished. And I never thought that I will fall so deep. Maybe it's just because I put a hope on you too large, and when unexpected thing came, I became hurt. There's one point that I can take from this thing is do not be happy too much because of something that doesn't real yet, sometimes it can makes you disappointed
The second horrible thing is about my family life. I really dunno what to say. Just by imagining it, my tears will fall down. My family condition right now maybe is in the bottom. Really hard through this life if I'm thinking about my little brothers and sisters, my dad, and absolutely my mom.
My mom is the real wonder woman. She really can through the life that really different. She's always patient, strong, and tough. And I never know if in position like that I can be like her. I'm really proud of her.

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