Monday, June 6, 2011

I Should Go by Levi Kreis

Lagu ini pertama kali saya dengar dari episode final season 2 TV Series The Vampire Diaries. The sweetest moment antara Damon dan Elena.

Here we are
Isn't it familiar
Haven't had someone to talk to
In such a long time
And it's strange
All we have in common
And your company was just the thing I needed tonight
Somehow I feel I should apologize
Cuz I'm just a little shaken
By what's going on inside

I should go

Before my will gets any weaker
And my eyes begin to linger
Longer than they should
I should go
Before I lose my sense of reason
And this hour holds more meaning
Than it ever could
I should go
I should go
Baby, I should go

It's so hard

Keeping my composure
And pretend I don't see how
Your body curves beneath your clothes
And your laugh
Is pure and unaffected
It frightens me to know so well the place I shouldn't go
I know I gotta take the noble path
Cuz I don't want you to question
The intentions that I have

I don't mean to leave you with a trivial excuse

And when you call tomorrow, I'll know what to do

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